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Nokia stuff

Read / Write Nokia Backup Files

I have made a quick perl hack that extracts all files withing a .nfb / .nfc file, i.e. the Nokia Backup File or Nokia Content File that Nokia Data suite creates nowadays.
The module "Nokia::File::NFB" is needed, and can be installed via CPAN:
# perl -MCPAN -e shell
CPAN> install Nokia::File::NFB
CPAN> quit

The quick hack: Version: 2005-06-07

The difference between nfc and nfb is that nfc also includes .vcf and .vcs files for the phonebook entries and calendar entries, next to the normal tab separated lists with the same info.

More information about the NFB module and about the file format can be found with:
* man Nokia::File::NFB
* - the original python hack

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