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Master Thesis

I have now finished my Master Thesis (exjobb) at Arrowhead, Solna.
Involved department at KTH is Department of Microelectronics and Information Technology.

The presentation was held on Monday 10th of June, 2002.

The report can be found here as:

  • PDF (1.21 MB)
  • PS (3.52 MB)
  • HTML (1.1MB)

    and the presentation can be found in HTML here.

    Realisation of Layer 2 VPN with either VLAN/VMAN or MPLS in large networks.

    Job description


    There are several different techniques to provide VPNs to customers. All techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. A solution has to be scalable, secure and have a quick fail-over. In a modern IP backbone there are multiple physical paths to use for redundancy and one of the questions is how to build VPNs with transparent fail-over, the spanning tree algorithm have been used but is slow and dangerous, Extreme promote EAPS as a faster modern alternative, investigate pros and cons, standardisation. Another requirement for a VPN service is manageability of the increasing numbers of customers, setup and configuration of customer VLANs and VMANs with backup paths and speed limiting etc.


    The purpose of this study is to investigate, and describe how these techniques work, their differences, and advantages. How they can be used in different stages of a networks evolution. Several criteria have to be met, and one major criterion is the management of the VPNs configured.

    The following should be investigated.

  • What limits the size of Layer2 VLAN areas, nr of switches, management.
  • When and why use MPLS for L2 and L3 VPN's.
  • How to implement security, encryption with IPSec.
  • Programming task
  • Service management is to be set up for a VPN service
  • a) Service enabling, automatic configuration of service (VLAN,VMAN).
  • b) Service management, full information of the VPN for smooth trouble shooting, possibility to make changes: speed etc
    no (a) nod se